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Elevating Executive Status


ABREO [Greek for: 'Wise Counselor']

ABREO disrupts how executives plan, execute and monetize major career transitions. We are the only company in the U.S. that challenges major corporations’ upper hand in executive pay negotiations; either by making sensitive compensation data available directly to our clients, or by negotiating on their behalf. Our services include:

Bespoke Resumes:

We position impact; not activity. Our detailed performance analysis ensures that your resume assertively showcases strategic accomplishments at scale, vital metrics, and your ability to influence C-Suites and Boards.

Compensation Advisory:

We provide the HR compensation data that employers don't want you to have. With market pay data from Mercer or Towers for base salary, bonuses, and equity you are empowered to push your negotiations further and avert 5, 6 or 7 figure YOY losses in 'blind' negotiations. If desired, we also broker total compensation deals behind the scenes.


Harvard-Credentialed Negotiation Training:

Our negotiation techniques are specifically designed for executives. We provide the tactics, knowledge and training you need to succeed in high-stakes negotiations with global recruiters and headhunters over several rounds.

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Dell Technologies
Cornerstone Relocation Group
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Goldman Sachs

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