Elisabeth Constantin founded ABREO after seeing firsthand the detrimental impact of underperforming resumes and underdeveloped negotiation skills during her career in global HR. 


Because knights are bold, daring, with an unwavering commitment to their path and not afraid to ask for their own worth, they exemplify ABREO's brand perfectly. 

Self-marketing and optimizing one's experience for the next level or a different industry is difficult. Too much humility, struggling to succinctly market historical business impact and not tailoring appropriately towards the next level are the most common and self-sabotaging barriers that lower executive ROI; aside from feeling insecure about negotiating and how to engage effectively with headhunters and recruiters.

"Negotiation insecurity is very real. A surprising amount of senior executives are highly skilled at brokering third party contracts or billion dollar divestitures, but have never negotiated their own worth. This is often the case with legacy leaders who have historically been promoted from within. When they go external for the first time — sometimes in decades — they realize they need to strengthen their negotiation muscles and understanding of the external market dynamics."


The results speak for themselves. ABREO's executive clients kick open doors to corner offices, C-Suites and Boards, or renegotiate significantly better terms with their existing employers; with skills that stay with them throughout their entire career.

Elisabeth Constantin

Constantin, M.A. M.Ed., built an award-winning career in global HR Service Delivery, Expatriate Consulting and Compensation; supporting senior Fortune 50/100 executives in the Manufacturing, (IT-) Consulting, Insurance, Bio-Engineering and Raw Materials industries across North and Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

She was peer-voted among the world's Top 250 professionals in her area of expertise for 2022.

Educated in Europe and at Harvard Business School, her international experience includes Retail, B2B Sales, Account Management, Marketing & Communications, Project Management, and Education.


Constantin is based in Nashville, TN, where she enjoys the great outdoors, the arts, endurance cycling and volunteering with her local Rotary club.

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