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Elisabeth Constantin founded ABREO after seeing firsthand -- and for years -- the detrimental effects underperforming resumes, lack of compensation data insights, and hesitation to negotiate create for executives from all walks of life; regardless of gender, industry, role and level.


Today, her firm is the best-kept secret among top executives across all industries who value the highest level of quality in bespoke expertise, state of the art compensation advisory, and personalized service.


ABREO is different. We do not advertise, have no social media presence, and operate exclusively by word of mouth. Many clients have become behind the scenes ambassadors for the firm because of the way we operate:

  • Education Focus: With every resume, we also coach how to navigate the executive search process and how to negotiate better deals with headhunters and executive recruiters.

  • Results: We are Aggressive -- in the Right Way. With over 15 years in corporate HR, Marketing and Career Coaching, we know how to position top executives for C-Suite and Board roles.

  • Quality over Quantity in Customer Care: 4-9 month 'aftercare-support' during the executive search process.

Because knights are bold, daring, and with an unwavering commitment to their values and paths, they exemplify our brand perfectly.  

Elisabeth Constantin

Constantin, M.A. M.Ed., built an award-winning career in global HR Service Delivery, Expatriate Consulting and Compensation; supporting senior Fortune 50/100 executives in the Manufacturing, (IT-) Consulting, Insurance, Bio-Engineering and Raw Materials industries across North and Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

Educated in Europe and at Harvard Business School, her international experience includes Retail, B2B Sales, Account Management, Marketing & Communications, Project Management, and Education.


Constantin is based in Nashville, TN, where she enjoys the great outdoors, the arts, endurance cycling and volunteering with her local Rotary club.

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Why the Knight?

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