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ABREO Career Services

Corner Office Testimonies

Please note that due to the public or confidential profile of clients that fall into the categories of Federal Agency Leaders, Lobbyists, C-Suite or Board executives, we protect their privacy and never share verbatim testimonies from that level. Our firm does not advertise -- 9 out of 10 clients who reach out to us were referred by word of mouth from executive peers and vet us directly through their network. 

Compliments from the CEO

"The best resume I have seen in my career" -- said my new CEO when I interviewed for my current director-level role in Sales after 20+ years in Operations. Elisabeth is gifted to capture and aggressively market business value like no other. The resume will open the door, her knowledge of the executive search process and compensation results in competitive top dollar.

John Svahra, Director Global Business Development - TRC Global Mobility,  Southbury, CT

Outstanding Professionalism


I hired Abreo’s services and had an extraordinary experience. High-quality service, quick response time, and outstanding professionalism. The resume I have today is an entirely different level: results-based, highly keyword-optimized, and metrics-driven. 100% worth the investment.

Victor Pausin, Senior Finance & Treasury Executive - Automotive & 2022 Harvard Business School Graduate, Nashville, TN 

Critical Resource

Over my career I’ve worked with a few resume writing professionals, no one has been as thorough, insightfully knowledgeable, professional and personable as Elisabeth. Her work was exemplary from start to finish, delivering a high level of personalized service and attention to detail. She not only reworked my resume to truly reflect my market value but provided valuable coaching. I have enjoyed every conversation and highly recommend Elisabeth Constantin.  She is the critical resource you want in your corner.
Alie Buckmire, Ph.D., CEO - Independent Health Entrepreneur, Phoenix, AZ

Exceeded Expectations


My work with Elisabeth on my resume was fantastic with personal attention to my specific target. I needed not only a refresh, but an upgrade. She asked plenty of questions to understand my accomplishments and the nature of my responsibilities. She was able to express my value better than I could have imagined (I was proud of myself in a whole new way!) The process was fast and efficient, the end product exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend her services. Thank you, Elisabeth!

Jessie Ortiz, VP Finance - Royal Carribean, Miami, FL

Competitive At The Highest Level

As an executive leadership coach and global HR leader I see resumes on a daily basis that miss the mark on candidates’ most important asset – their historical ‘value-add’. Elisabeth Constantin is one of the most detail-oriented HR leaders I have worked with and is not afraid to dive deep to understand and visualize candidates’ competitive edge. I have previously used Elisabeth for my own corporate career - today I refer my clients to her. An ABREO resume meets the highest expectations – every time. 

Stacy Henry, Founder & CEO - Centerbranch, West Palm Beach, FL 

A Quality Connection For My Career

The level of personalized service and attention to detail I received from ABREO was far above what I expected from a professional services firm. They are a true boutique shop where clients are supported not just with solid guidance and expertise, but also with empathy while navigating personal and professional change. Elisabeth Constantin is a quality connection I will keep in my back pocket for my future career needs. 

Jennifer Black, Senior Technical Product Manager - Amazon, Nashville, TN

Executive Headhunters Gave Both Thumbs Up

My executive headhunters found my resume extremely easy to pitch. Focusing on impact and keyword optimization made all the difference, I never received so many calls so fast. Elisabeth does outstanding work. Her business acumen and ability to support highly specialized roles is at a level I haven't seen with other providers. This investment paid for itself over and over.

John B., VP Compliance - Financial Sector, New York City, NY

A True Door Opener

ABREO supported me when I needed to go to market for the first time in almost twenty years. I contacted Elisabeth specifically to rebuild my dated resume and coach me on how to navigate the 2020 employment market. Not only did I receive a highly professional resume that showcased my accomplishments for every position in a measurable way, but I also felt a lot more comfortable interviewing and negotiating with different employers. Within a month of applying, I had two great offers on the table. This resume definitely opened doors for me. 

Patricia Dignon, Instructional Designer - Orlando Utilities Commission, Orlando, FL  

Leverage For Years 

Elisabeth Constantin was a critical resource when I decided to branch out of global HR consulting and transition into corporate HR a few years ago. Elisabeth drilled deep into the value-add I had delivered to my previous employers and asked critical questions about my experience and transitional skill that I never would have thought of. My resume gained a real boost that I keep leveraging years later.

Maggie Rollins, Healthcare Recruiting - Medical Solutions, Denver, CO 

Advocacy and Know-How

Elisabeth was my trusted partner and advocate when I was ready to re-enter the workforce after a long break. Not only did she build an incredibly technical resume that got me an interview with a major defense contractor within two weeks, but she also coached me and updated my knowledge on the latest interviewing and negotiation techniques. I’m still so grateful for the support and the professional and personal growth I have been able to experience as a result of it. 

Steven Fisher, Aircraft Assembly Operations - The Boeing Company, St. Louis, MO 

Best Value For Transitioning Entrepreneurs

ABREO helped me transition from being an independent sports entrepreneur into a full-time role in mental health counseling. Elisabeth really took her time to understand my skills and position them for the requirements of the jobs I was pursuing. It was a very detailed process during which I learned a lot about my worth and value as a candidate. Her guidance on how to navigate Recruiting and HR was on point. As I grow my career, ABREO will remain my support of choice for the next step. 

William Graham, Clinical Therapist - Rolling Hills Hospital, Franklin TN 

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